How to index backlinks faster?

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Backlinks indexing is a key stratergy for link building and ranking higher in search engines. Backlinks indexing are becoming painful compared to earlier.

Indexing baclinks was so easier earlier as you just had to ping them or create and RSS feed and submit to RSS feed directories.

Why Your Backlinks Aren’t Indexed?

  1. You are submitting the links to a spammy platforms where google has already blacklisted
  2. You posting links onto a noindex websites. Some of the websites place noindex for the new pages that it creates, so any backlink created there is of no use and Google wont index it.
  3. Your content isn’t unique. Google always indexes and ranks your website if you have written a unique content. Anything scraped, spun or copied from other sources won’t work effectively.

How to index your backlinks faster? [Guaranteed Method]
Leave it for Natural Indexing - If you have written a solid content and generated a backlink then live it as it is, so that google will index it naturally. This might take few days time but it’s worth waiting. Organic indexing and ranking is always better.

Build Tier Two links - This is one of the fastest and safest ways to get your backlink indexed. So what is tier two links?

Step 1 - Build a quality backlinks on tier 1 websites. These are usually a quality websites, web 2.0 profiles or PNBs.

Step 2 - Now you need to build tier 2 or level 2 backlinks to these tier 1 web properties. These can be a bit more low quality- Parasite Web pages, URL Redirects (, Goog.gletc), or authority blog or forum profiles.

Step 3- You can go and build Tier 3 backlinks from tier 2. I guess you have the got the idea now.

The whole point is for the Juice to flow from tier 3 to tier 2 and then to tier 1 eventually. Its a pyramid structure.Tier 1 usually consists of a low number of web properties, Tier 2 can be a few dozen, and Tier 3 is often in the thousands.

Use Paid Services - Services like onehourindexing and lindexed are great to index your backlinks faster.

Use Social Media - Search engines crawls social media for new content and links very often. Make sure you post regularly in social media sites. This will be one of the best strategy to get your backlink indexed faster.