How to Optimize Adsense Earnings


Adsense is the most commonly used Ad network which generates revenue for blogs and websites. As we all know it is very tough to get the approval of websites for Adsense and even after approval Google has it’s own rules and regulations which you need to follow strictly else your account might get banned.

#1. Ad Units Size

Ad Unit size is considered as one of the significant factors to increase Adsense earnings. There are three main Ad Units which performs better and helps you in increasing the CTR

Most Popular Ad Sizes!

  • 720×90 -Leaderboard
  • 336×280 – Large Rectangle
  • 160×600 – Vertical Rectangle
  • 320×100 (Mobile Banner)

As a thumb rule, Wider the ad size better the performance of the ad and gets you the maximum revenue. Often wider ads are reader friendly and it won’t be much cluttered.

#2. Ad Location

With right Ad Size, you need a perfect location to place the Ad. What is the use if you have placed an ad where no one even watches. You won’t earn anything. Google counts the ad impression only if the visitor has viewed the ad for at least 1 second. Hence the location matters a most.

Top Locations to place Adsense Ads

  • 728×90 Leaderboard – This Ad is best suited either Next to logo or near the title of your article. When the user visits your web page the first thing he reads is the title. Hence place the leaderboard ad next to logo or article heading.
  • 160×600 – Vertical Rectangle – If your layout supports right or left sidebar then you should place this Ad over there. When the user scrolls the article to read this ad will be visible until the mid post based on the length of your article. Often people tend to say nobody clicks on the ad if it is placed in the sidebar. It is true, however, you will get maximum earnings through impressions.
  • 336×280 – Large Rectangle – Best suited to place at the Mid post or at the end of the article. This ad will be usually the maximum earning ad and choose it wisely. Optimize your layout in such a way that you can fit this ad in the mid-post or at the end of the article. People do use this ad in the sidebar also for increasing the Page RPM.

All you need to do is just analyze your website layout as a normal visitor and you will know which are the places that have maximum exposure to the user. Place these ads over there and boost your AdSense revenue.

#3. Blend Ad Styles

Choosing the right Ad size and location definitely helps you in getting the visibility and increase in the impression. However, you also need to blend the ads based on your website theme.

Make the background color of the Ad same as the background of the web page. It works very well with the white background.

Use different colors of Ad and test it out the performance and CTR. You need to experiment different styles until you succeed. Choose the contrast of the ads wisely. Usually, the contrast should match your background color.

#4. Fill up Links Ads within Content

Link ads usually work little different. You need to change the color of the link ads to match your web page links and blend these ads at right places in the content. Usually, Link Ads will display topics relevant to the content you have written.

Links Ads usually takes the smallest amount of space considering to the display ads. Hence use it at proper place where the important content exists. The user always tends to click on the link ads when you blend it right in the content.

#5. Block the Low Performing Ads

There are many advertisers who pay very less per click. You can block this kind of advertisers to maximize your AdSense earnings. There are multiple types of blocking available in the Adsense. You can either block a particular category, Advertiser or the URL. Read Block Low Paying Adsense ads and Boost Earnings for the list of low-performing Advertisers.

#6. Use Google Custom Search

Adsense offers one more type of Ad which is called as Custom Search box which can replace your default search with Google search. When the user clicks on Ads in the search result you earn a money. It is recommended to use the Custom Search box on your website to earn maximum revenue.

#7. Organic Traffic from US, UK, and Australia

Adsense ads are performed best when the visitor lands on your page from Google search engine. Traffic source is very important factor in increasing the CPC, RPM.

Most of the times if you are getting the traffic and click from US , UK, and Australia visitors you will earn maximum revenue in Adsense. Target your website to these locations in Google webmasters and see the results within a month.

#8. Experiment Adsense Ads

Last but not least is to experiment the Ads in your website. Every website is different in its own way. The layout, Content, niche, Ad Types differs entirely. Here are some of the experiments you need to try out to boost the earnings.

  • Experiment by Blending Ads in different locations.
  • Use various Ad Sizes and place it in different locations.
  • Target your website to specific countries.
  • Target organic visitors to increase the visitors.
  • Experiment different background colors of Display Ads.
  • Blend the link ads with the Anchor color of your theme.

Leave a comment and let us know what exactly worked out for your website. We are happy to hear the tips and tricks which you guys have used to Increase Adsense earnings.