Making Donations to NonProfits for Backlinks. Is this a good SEO Strategy?


No, Google considers this as a Paid links and devalues your website ranking in SERP. According to Google webmaster guidelines any kind of link building with exchange of money is considered to be a paid link and Google can penalize the sites easily.

John Muller from Google replied over a twitter for one of the article posted on Medium website.

(Srinivas ramakrishna) #2

Link building should always happen organically. All these ticks might work for short term and you might make some money also. However on the long run SERP’s marks these links as SPAM and your site ranking will drastically go down.

Especially google is very strict on link building and they continuously keep updating their algorithm. So be careful while buying a links. Anyone can report it as a paid link in Google Webmasters