What Is SEO

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All efforts and efforts aimed at placing websites on organic search results pages (Google SERP) for the keywords that we want, that’s what SEO means.

SEO, short for “Search Engine Optimization” or search engine optimization is one of the most primitive traffic sources in the digital marketing world. He was born, grew, developed and evolved together with the world’s top search engine: Google.

But even so, the fact is that Google is still the # 1 website in the world so that the available traffic potential is the biggest among various other choices, whatever the latest.

So important is SEO.

In this post we will discuss the understanding and various information about SEO that must be known by all digital marketers, including you.

What is SEO?

There are many definitions of SEO from various experts.

According to Brian Dean, founder of Backlinko, SEO is an art and science to bring targeted visitors organically to a website through a search engine.

For example: You might come to this page through Google when searching for information about “What is SEO” or “SEO is” or “Understanding SEO”.

Of course, this page does not appear just like that in Google search results for those keywords if I don’t do a variety of optimizations, including the simplest: Perawatan Kacer Mabung Tuntas

The entire set of businesses mentioned above was carried out in order to place this page in the top rankings of Google search for the keywords I wanted, in this case: “What is SEO”.

The goal is none other than not to get traffic / visitors like you for free from search engines without having to pay a dime ad. The type of traffic that comes from SEO is called “organic”, as opposed to “paid” traffic that usually comes from advertisements.

Then the important question now:
Whether without doing SEO, this page can be ranked in Google’s disbursement results for the keywords above?

The answer : It’s possible.

Of course as long as I create content related to the keywords above.

But try to imagine, without SEO, some of the following trivial things will most likely occur:

Permalinks that are not search engine friendly:
There are no adequate keywords in the article
No picture
Don’t use tags
There is no inner and outer links

Logically, the above things have a negative impact on the website. Because he not only confused Google to give rank but also bad experiences for visitors which had fatal consequences for the position of a website on the search page for the long term.

In fact, if we understand the basic principles of SEO, without having to be good at it, implementing SEO is actually not difficult to do.

You don’t even need anyone’s services or help, because SEO can be learned by anyone and done alone. Perawatan Kacer MH Agar Jinak Lalat